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Parent Testimonial
"After visiting many preschools in the area, we chose Open Arms for our 3 year old son. We were impressed first and foremost by the teachers. It is clear that they are there for their love of children. We were equally impressed by the management of the center. Chris Boettcher, who is also very active in caring for the children in the center, takes the time to care for the parent’s needs as well. She has always been very accommodating, attentive and a pleasure to interact with. The passion that she has for running the center is felt throughout the program. Lastly, we love knowing that Open Arms is helping to instill Christian based values into our son’s life. It was not the reason we selected the program, but it is absolutely one of the things we now value most about it.

We would highly recommend Open Arms to anyone seeking not only a quality preschool center for their child, but a place where you know your child is safe, happy and well cared for while they are getting both emotionally and educationally prepared for kindergarten."
- Heidi M.

Open Arms endeavors to maintain a wholesome parent-teacher-child relationship. Parents are encouraged to visit the center at any time and observe their child in the classroom setting. Formal Parent-Teacher Conferences are held each Fall and Spring. Parents may also request a conference at any time.

The mutual concern of parents and teachers is that the class year be an enriching and rewarding educational experience for the child. Accordingly, the teachers welcome parents to discuss questions concerning their child or program at any time. Many misunderstandings can be avoided and minor problems corrected readily by an early and direct contact with your child’s teacher.

A parent newsletter will be published monthly. Schedules are posted in each room. The preschool classes have a monthly activity calendar to inform parents of special activities. Notes regarding schedules and other reminders will be published as needed. A parent information bulletin board is maintained by the front entrance.

Each family will have a “mailbox”. Parents can check this box daily for newsletters, notes from the teacher and your child’s completed work.

A Parent Orientation Night will be scheduled in September. Other “family nights” will be scheduled throughout the year. These events provide you with an opportunity to meet other families involved in our ministry and learn more about our program.

Expect growth and learning in your child, but accept this growth at their rate — accept them as they are. Encouragement without comparison to others is important. Be sincerely interested in what they bring home and attentively listen to them. Appreciate their efforts.

We thank you for entrusting us as partners in the extended guidance and care of your child.